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We believe everyone deserves the best protection, like you and our furry buddies. Our Pet Insurance, Fire Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Home Insurance offer the support you need when trying to cope with unexpected situations. We need your help to spread the word so more friends, both humans and animals, can get the protection they deserve!​ From now until 30 June 2024, you can get limited rewards for successful referral of our Pet, Critical Illness or Home Insurance!

Rewards Detail

Pet Insurance

Referrer1 – 2 Successful Referrals made, enjoy HKD200 supermarket vouchers
3 Successful Referrals made, enjoy HKD1,000 The Murray Voucher
4 or above Successful Referrals made, enjoy HKD2,000 The Murray Voucher

RefereeFriends enroll using your unique referral code can enjoy 30% discount off the premium

Critical Illness / Home Insurance

ReferrerEnjoy HKD200 supermarket voucher for every Successful Referral

RefereeFriends enroll using your unique referral code can enjoy 40% discount off the premium

Who Can Participate:

Pawfect Care / InfiniCare / Home / Fire Insurance Policyholders

How To Participate:

Pawfect Care / InfiniCare Policyholders:

Refer friends to join by using your referral code. You can earn a HKD 200 supermarket cash coupon upon every successful referral!

Currently Supported Product Coupons:

OneDegree Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance
OneDegree Home Insurance
Home Insurance
OneDegree Critical Illiness Insurance
Critical Illinessl

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Critical Illness Insurance 

Everyone needs critical illness protection, we are committed to offer the most comprehensive solution to you and your family, and take care of your different health needs.

Pet Insurance

Like us, our furry friends need protection too! We offer a dedicated plan to your beloved furbaby, making sure they can receive the best medical attention when needed!

Home Insurance

Our Home Insurance protects your home, your family and even your pets. We even get COVID-19-related disruption to everyday routine covered.

Fire Insurance

Smart homeowners make smart decisions. With our Fire Insurance, you’ll pay just 1/5 of the market price for the same comprehensive coverage.

Start referring! Rewards await both you and your friends

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Terms & Conditions

  1. OneDegree Referral Campaign (the “Referral Campaign”) is effective starting from now until 30 June 2024 (“Campaign Period”). By participating in the Referral Campaign, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.
  2. Existing Policyholders of any insurance policy (“Existing Policyholder” or "Referrer”), underwritten by OneDegree Hong Kong Limited (“OneDegree”), can participate in the Referral Campaign as a Referrer. To enjoy the offer, an Existing Policyholder must successfully refer at least one new customer to purchase any insurance policy(ies) underwritten by OneDegree (“Referee”) during the Campaign Period.
  3. In this Referral Campaign, existing Policyholder may refer their friends using the exclusive referral link (“Referral Link”). An Existing Policyholder of Pet Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance or Home Insurance can find their Referral Link by logging into their personal account at
  4. If the Referee uses the Referral Link from the same referrer to purchase policies of different products, the first new policy of each product shall be considered as one referral.
    A “Successful Referral” shall meet all criteria below:
    (i) the Referee must purchase a policy during the Campaign Period using the Referral Link of the existing policyholder;
    (ii) the Referee is not currently holding or has not held any effective OneDegree policy(ies) in the past 3 months from the date of application; and
    (iii) Both the Referrer and Referee still hold an active policy at the time the Reward is distributed.
    Any failure to comply with the abovementioned criteria will result in loss of the Reward and such failure shall not be relied on to claim for refund.
  5. Using the Referral Link to purchase OneDegree insurance product(s), an eligible Referee will enjoy the following “Premium Discount” :
    5.1 40% off on the first policy year premium on Home Insurance and/or Critical Illness Insurance.
    5.2 30% off on the first policy year premium on Pet Insurance
  6. Eligible Referrer will enjoy the following “Reward”:
    6.1 Successful referral on Home Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance:
     i. For each Successful Referral during the Campaign Period, the Referrer will receive one HKD200 ParknShop cash  voucher; there is no limit on the number of ParknShop cash voucher a Referrer might receive during the Campaign Period.
    6.2 Successful referral on Pet Insurance
    i. With 1 – 2 Successful Referrals made, Referrer will receive one HKD200 ParknShop cash voucher for each successful referral;
    ii. With 3 Successful Referrals made, Referrer can get extra The Murray HK$1000 voucher(“The Murray Voucher”). 
    iii.With 4 or above Successful Referrals made, Referrer can get extra The Murray HK$2000 voucher(“The Murray Voucher”). 
  7. OneDegree’s system will automatically apply the Premium Discount to applicable plans and payment modes and display it on the website. The actual premium payable will be shown at checkout and shall be the final amount.
  8. The Premium Discount is only applicable to premiums for the first year of a policy.
  9. The Reward will be issued at the 4th months of the policy issue date provided that the policies of both referrer and referee are still effective on such date. Eligible customers will receive an email about the redemption letter for the Reward (“Redemption Letter”). Customers should ensure that their email address is accurate in their OneDegree profile or they will not be able to receive the Redemption Letter. Actual reward collection date may vary as it is subject to stock availability. OneDegree is not responsible for any delivery failure due to errors or missing information in the email address provided. All Reward are subject to availability and any restriction may apply as to where and when the Reward may be redeemed. OneDegree reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to substitute a similar item of equal value at any time without notice prior to that item being redeemed.
  10. OneDegree reserve the right to make changes on the Reward, or substitute a similar item of equal value at any time without notice prior to that item being redeemed.
  11. Customer must redeem their Murray Voucher within the specified redemption period at the designated redemption location by presenting the redemption letter. Any failure in doing so will result in loss of Reward and no refund shall be arranged afterwards.    
  12. The Reward and Redemption Letter cannot be transferred, returned, exchanged for cash, or exchanged for other products or services under any circumstances.
  13. The Reward is subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the Murray Voucher supplier. In case of any enquiry or dispute in relation to the Reward, customers should contact the Murray Voucher supplier directly.  
  14. If Referrer or Referee cancels their policy before collecting of Reward under the Referral Campaign, he will lose the right to claim the Referral Reward.
  15. If Referrer or Referee cancels the insurance policy during the policy term, OneDegree reserves the right to deduct the value of respective Reward from any premium refund.
  16. This Referral Campaign cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
  17. The Referrer and the Referee cannot be the same person.
  18. For details of coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions of the insurance products, please refer to the respective policy wording.
  19. OneDegree reserves the right to make the final decision in case of dispute, including but not limited to disputes relating to eligibility to receive Reward, number of Successful Referrals, and interpretation of terms and conditions.
  20. Should there be any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail. 

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