Strays, too, deserve all the love

Dear animal lovers, street dogs and cats need care, love and nurturing just like your pets at home. Every furry friend should be treated equally regardless of breed, background, age and health condition. Share a little love with these innocent souls and help provide them the care and support necessary to thrive! 

Enroll your pet between 22 and 25 September 2022 and we will make a HKD100 donation to our collaborating beneficiaries below to support their work of helping animals in need

And if you adopt a cat or dog from a designated animal organization and your new furry buddy will receive a three-month premium wavier when signing up for Pawfect Care too to help them start a new life!

Collaborating beneficiaries

OneDegree safeguards all furry friends  

Give strays a forever home  

Home is the place to recharge your battery when everyday life leaves you drained. When you come home completely wiped out, your home can always radiate warmth that soothes your mind and body. For strays that can only call a shelter home, will you not make them members of your house and bring them comfort too? 

Make an adoption application to SPCA, SAA or House of Joy & Mercy between 22 September and 21 October 2022, and enjoy a 3-month premium rebate when signing up for pet insurance upon successful adoption.

Sign petition to help protect birds and tortoises

Birds and tortoises tend to live long lives and they are family just like your pet cats and dogs. Sign the petition now to support OneDegree in extending its pet insurance coverage to cover also birds and tortoises. When the petition goal is reached, these little friends will have the right to be protected too.

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OneDegree protects your furry friend with comprehensive coverage

Pet Insurance 

Your furry friend requires love and care as much as humans do. Our Pawfect Care pet insurance provides your pal the highest medical coverage in town – up to HK$70,000 annually – and we cover all breeds of cats and dogs!  

Pet Wellness Program

Get both pet insurance and wellness services to provide the best possible care for your four-legged family member. With the all-round healthcare support our Pawfect Pass has to offer, you can be sure your pet will be happy, healthy and cared for at all times.

Uncertainties are inevitable in life.

We are here to share your financial burden and get you through hard times.

Home Insurance

Our Home Insurance protects your home, your family and even your pets. Regardless of the gender of your partner and whether you and your partner are married, we provide everyone the same third-party liability coverage up to HK$150 million.  

Fire Insurance

Smart homeowners make smart decisions! With our Fire Insurance, you’ll pay just 1/5 of the market price for the same comprehensive coverage.

Critical Illness

Get comprehensive critical illness cover to give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind that you will be well protected against the expected. Our Infinity Plan offer unlimited total number of claims and cover 98% of critical illness cases. 


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